This video is from a tribute concert from way back in the day for the genius Jimmy Slyde, where I accidentally learned that "if you don't fall, you're not doing it right". It is pretty much everything you need to know about me in six seconds.


Okay I lied here's one more raw video from my past:


This video mostly demonstrates how dangerous I am with a good prop, but also...listen I just love performing, and I'm making use of every second of life that I've got to enjoy it.

I'm a actor, singer, dancer, choreographer, and teacher originally from the DC Metropolitan area, and tap dance is my favorite thing in the world. After training and competing in dance throughout my childhood, I fell in love with theater through an ironic (some might say iconic) Middle School production of High School Musical and never looked back. Since graduating from NYU Tisch's New Studio on Broadway with a BFA in Drama and a minor in Business of Entertainment and Media Technologies, I've established myself both in New York and back home in DC teaching and choreographing with MTCA (mtcollegeauditions.com) and at NYU, while simultaneously performing around the country (click on that Resume tab). Email me whatever you want at joshisrael@joshisrael.com!

2010 - present
2010 - present