Josh was the Associate and Tap Choreographer for The Wiz at Ford's Theater - Directed by Kent Gash, and Choreographed by Dell Howlett. Now nominated for a bazillion Helen Hayes awards!

1776 - "Overture" - 2015

Directed by: Kent Gash

Choreography by: Josh Israel and Dell Howlett

Performance by: Josh Israel

"Chair Dance" - 2015 -  My take on the classic Copaseetic's tap number. From my dance piece "How To Explain" about mental illness.

Choreography and performance by: Josh Israel 

AVByte - "New Super Mario Bros. MUSICAL" 

Choreography and performance by: Josh Israel and Ben Chavez

Choreography also featured in - "JJ Abrams Star Wars" and more!

Over 400 million views combined!!